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Computer Vision Products

TGV-AI is a comprehensive end-to-end solution, customized to meet specific business needs. It is a computer vision model that has been meticulously trained and fine-tuned to address the particularities of the use case at hand. Designed for seamless integration, this model is delivered ready-to-deploy on edge devices, enabling immediate implementation on drones or vehicles for predictive analysis and responsive action.

Conversational AI Products

We employ our innovative technological approaches, AI and ML expertise for the development of advanced conversational AI engine deployed in diverse products' milestones. Our products incrementally work towards offering state-of-the-art conversational AI solutions including the recently-launched platform Fluido.ai, that integrates no-code conversational AI building and optimization with live chat management.



We define a well-articulated approach to your data based on meticulous collection, mining, evaluation, and finally "contextualization" within the industry.


We assist in articulating where ML fits within your business to overcome the obstacles and optimize the results.


We prototype the solution testing its accuracy and correctness simulating real life use cases.


Our experienced technical team accompanies you in the deployment of the ML model to the fullest of its potential


We provide optimization tools that continuously iterates on the model's performance through adaptable startegies.


Our partners work towards the aim of becoming ultimate technical partners for your business, developing the relevant use cases that address your goals and challenges, to achieve scalability and efficiency of operations.


Launched early 2021, Fluido.ai is a code-free conversational AI platform powered by an advanced ML and NLP model which enables a seamless build and train of the data in addition to monitoring and optimizing the conversational AI performance. Fluido.ai offers an all-inclusive platform for chatbot and live chat management besides 3 design modes for consistent and smooth conversational flows.


Precision.ai offers the latest solutions in the world of deep machine learning and advanced data analytics to help businesses enhance their agricultural operations with the aim of ultimately protecting the ecosystem, contributing to sustainability and enhancing the business's ability to efficiently save time and resources.


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